Rolling Mills

Rolling Mills

International Rolling Mills is home to the largest inventory of Rolling Mills is the United States, consisting of many new, reconditioned, and pre-owned machines. Over the past 40+ years we have worked on thousands of Rolling Mills for our customers, many of which are still in operation today. We design all of our equipment with our customer’s needs in mind using the highest quality materials, technology, and manufacturing processes available. We have experience working with many different types of Rolling Mills for a variety of different uses:

Material Types Material Forms Mill Configuration Common Mill Sizes (Diameter x Width) Mill Brand Optional Features
Precious Metals Ingot 2Hi or Two-High Custom Sizes Available IRM Heated Rolls
Ferrous Metals Strip 4Hi or Four-High 2” x 4” Stanat Load Cells
Non-Ferrous Metals Sheet 2Hi/4Hi Combination 2.5” x 5” Fenn Digital Height Indicators
Refractory Metals Coil Lab Scale 2.5” x 6” Ruesch Data Acquisition System
Superalloys Wire Reversing / Coiling 3” x 5” Standard Machinery Mobile Package
Exotic Materials Rod Tandem 4” x 6” BHS Torin Dual Sidewheel Screwdown Assembly
Polymers Powder Hot Rolling 5” x 8” Loma Electro-Mechanical Screwdown Assembly
Tube Cold Rolling 6” x 6” Waterbury Farrel Pre-Heat Furnace / Pre-Heat Entry Table
Bonding / Cladding 6” x 8” I2S Differential/Asymmetrical Rolling System
Powder / Vertical Feed 6” x 10” Cavallin Torque Sensors
Wire Flattening / Shaping 8” x 8” Mario Di Maio Coil Winding System
Calendering 8” x 10” Carl Wezel Programmable Pass Schedules
Embossing 10” x 10” Buhler Thickness Gauges
Forming 10” x 12” MEJ Automatic Gauge Control

Approximate Minimum Approximate Maximum
Material Thickness 0.0005” (0.0127 mm) 6.000” (152.4 mm)
Material Width: 0.0200” (0.508 mm) 36.000” (914.4 mm)
Roll Diameter 0.500” (12.7 mm) 20.000” (736.6 mm)
Roll Width: 2.000” (50.8 mm) 36.000” (914.4 mm)
Separating Force: 10,000 LBS (4.536 MT) 1,000,000 LBS (453.6 MT)
Coil Weight: 1 LBS (0.453.4 kg) 10,000 LBS (4,534 kg)

Each of our Rolling Mills can be customized for your specific application.

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