Used Equipment: Rolling Mills 2/4 Hi

Stanat TA-315 6" x 8" Rolling Mill

Stanat TA-315 6" x 8" Rolling Mill

Model: TA-315

Maximum Separating Force: 100,000 LBS

Each Column Section: 4-7/8" x 5"

Each Column Area: 97

Estimated Weight: 6,000 LBS

Estimated Floor Space: 35" x 70"

Bearing Blocks: All bearing and seals will be new

Rolls: All rolls will be reground and ready to install

Roll Dimensions: Roll Width: 6", Work Roll DIA: .875", Journal DIA: .4375",

Work Roll DIA: 1.500", Journal DIA: .875", Backup Rolls: 5", Journal DIA: 3.500"

Mill Power: New 20 HP AC Motor

Mill Controls: New 20 HP AC inverter with dynamic braking

Mill Voltage: 440 volts

Mill Speed: 0-100 FPM

Operating Station: New central station will be installed with all mill controls

Stop, start, Forward, and Reverse speed controls

All clutch brake controls

Emergency stops

Recoiling System: Forward and reversing Witchita clutch brake system

8" interchangeable drum mill will be capable of running 5,000 OZ. coils of sterling silver


This machine will be reconditioned to factory specifications and ready to test run on our floor prior to shipment for your approval.

Stanat TA-215 Rolling Mill

Stanat TA-215 Rolling Mill

Stanat Model TA-215 2-Hi/4-Hi rolling mill with reversing winders consisting of the following:

The existing mill frame will be completely stripped and painted.

All bearings and seals will be checked for wear and replaced as needed.

A new mill drive with controls will be provided including a 5 HP inverter duty variable speed motor.

A new operators control panel housing all mill controls will be front mounted on the mill.

Additionally, (2) emergency stop crash bars will be mill mounted on either side of the mill openings.


Mill Work Rolls: 7/8” x 6”

Mill Backup Rolls: 4” x 6” cored and furnished with cartridge heaters.


The heated rolls will be controlled by (2) digital controllers.

Max Roll Temp: 232 degrees Celsius.


Mill Entry Table: Adjustable up and down with adjustable side guides with air cylinder hold down.


Mill Roll Wipers: Air cylinder actuated with both top and bottom roll.

Mill Winders: Direct drive from main mill motor via air actuated clutches and brakes furnished with “Loco” facings solid hubs with locking sleeves will be provided for your material coil buildup.


Data Acquisition Package:

Programmable controller with 10” touch screen for displaying and monitoring data.


This data acquisition system will include a computer with excel installed, all necessary hardware and software, and a complete data acquisition system for monitoring up to 10 independent variables.


Touch screen will display torque on universals, load on mill heads, mill speed, mill load in amps, and roll temperatures.

50,000 LBS load cells will be installed in each mill head.


                                                     10 K torque cells will be installed in top and bottom universals.

Fenn 051 5" x 8" Rolling Mill

Fenn 051 5" x 8" Rolling Mill

This is a Fenn 5x8 2/4HI Reversing Mill that is in working condition.

Mill Speed: 0-130 fpm.

Mill Power: 25 Hp Dc.

Fenn 3.250 x 10 x 12 Work roll driven

Fenn 3.250 x 10 x 12 Work roll driven

There are two Fenn 3.250 x 10 x 12 Work Roll driven machines available. They are in new condition with many new spare parts. They have a 75 HP DC motor.

Fenn 2.75 x 8 x 14

Fenn 2.75 x 8 x 14

Manufacturer: FENN CO.

Work roll size: 2 3/4 x 14

Work roll bearing: Roller

Backup roll size: 8 3/8 x 14

Backup roll bearing: Roller

Lubrication: Grease

Fenn 10 x 12

Fenn 10 x 12

This mill comes equipped with 10"x12" rolls with 7-1/2" journals made of 52100 steel. The work rolls are 3-1/4"x12" wide.Brand new 100 hp motor, controls and operation station.

It is also equipped the following: a litell 4000 lb uncoiler with electric brake and manual expansion of 16-20" I.D. and a 4000 lb capacity recoiler 7.5 hp, 3-phase, 60 hz drive motor 50:1 gear reducer, 20" diameter mandrel, manual grip and expansion hydraulic push-off.

BHS Torin Rolling Mill 2/4 High

BHS Torin Rolling Mill 2/4 High

BHS-Torin Rolling Mill
Mill Type: 2/4 High reversing rolling mill
Hydraulic screw downs
(2) Vollmer gages
Model: 0489/P89/9444X
Back up roll driven
Work Roll Size: 2 1/2" x 8" - 7 3/4"
Backup Work Rolls: 5 1/2" x 8 - 7 3/4"
Roll Chock water cooled
Pinion Stand gear box
20 HP ratio 21.217 to 1
Recoiler 1 HP DC Motors gearbox 25.85 to 1
12" drum
Hydraulic Power Unit
Electrical Control Panel
Main operator control stand
Price "As-is" $140,000.00 USD

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