Differential / Asymmetric Rolling Mills

International Rolling Mills uses the latest technology to deliver the finest precision asymmetric / differential rolling mills on the market today. For use in Research and Development, as well as production, we look forward to tailoring a mill to your specific needs.

Ruesch 4" x 6" Differential Rolling Mill Specs:

Roll DIA:

Roll Width:

Roll Journal:

Max Roll Gap:

Precision needle

Separating Force:
50,000 LBS (Approximately)

Bottom Roll Power:
3 HP, 440 Volt, 3 Phase gear motor


Bottom Roll Speed:
0-25 FPM

Bottom Roll Controls:
AC inverter with dynamic braking

Top Roll Power:
5 HP, 440 volts, 3 phase gear motor


Top Roll Speed:
0-25 FPM

Top Roll Controls:
AC inverter with dynamic braking

Each Mill Head:
will be fitted with 25,000 LBS load cells

Emergency Stop Bars:
will be installed on entry and exit

All Mill Controls:
Will be located in a central operating station and will meet UL certificate or approved equipment.

Central Operating Station will contain:
All mill controls including top & bottom roll digital FPM counters, front & back head digital load cell meters, ten-speed pots for top & bottom roll speed control. Stop, start & forward reversing switch.

Both FPM and load cell meters will have either analog or digital outputs (customer's choice) to feed a recording device supplied by customer.

Roll Gap:
Will be adjustable individually or simultaneously through adjustable side wheels.

Mill will be equipped with: entry and exit tables, entry table will have adjustable guides.

Will be able to be easily converted back to original 2-Hi configuration for true synchronized rolling.

Approximate Mill Dimensions:
3" Wide x 5' Deep x 5' High

Approximate Weight:
3,000 LBS
Includes (2) days of operational training at our Pawtucket, RI facility.

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